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travel safety training

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Key Features

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Introduction video



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Voiceover narration

Target Audience


Overseas travelers



My Responsibilities

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Instructional design

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eLearning development

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Script writing

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Video editing

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Storyline 360

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Premiere Pro

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After Effects

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Sound Forge Pro

Project Overview

The purpose of this eLearn is to explain how to handle common travel hazards according to the company travel policy. This eLearn also emphasizes the importance of using the company's travel services.

For this project, I was responsible for the instructional design, game design, script writing, eLearning development, video editing, and voiceover narration.

Training Design

This eLearn consists of an introduction video, a travel game, internal knowledge checks, and a final quiz.

The content for this training was an Excel document that outlined the company's travel policy. The policy contained information on handling travel hazards related to safety, health, and security. I thought this information was useful but also dry, so I looked for additional material that could liven up the training. During my research, I found some interesting information about common airport scams that target unsuspecting travelers. I presented this information to the client, and the client agreed to add this content to the training.

To add further interest, I designed a game in which the learners would help a business traveler, "Christine," prepare for her trip (e.g., book, travel, pack) and avoid hazards while at the airport and hotel. The game involved scenarios in which the learners were asked how Christine should handle the situation. When the learners answered the questions correctly, they received 10 - 30 points, depending on the scenario. When Christine reached her travel destination, the learners were given a designation of Master Traveler, Experienced Traveler, or Novice Traveler, depending on their total point value. 

After receiving a traveler designation, the learners would take a final quiz based on the information they learned during the travel game. Therefore, regardless of how the learners fared during the game, they would receive completion credit for the training if they achieved a score of 80% or higher on the final quiz.

eLearn Development

I developed the eLearn and travel game with Storyline 360 using branching and variables. I used After Effects to create the visuals for the point value counter, the travel designation slides, and other animations used in the training. I also created an introductory video in Premiere Pro using stock footage, music, and my voiceover narration.

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