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Off-highway sales training

Key Features

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Blended learning

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Web-style eLearn

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Instructor-led training

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Case studies



Target Audience


Off-Highway sales team



My Responsibilities

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Needs analysis

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Instructional design

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eLearning development

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Articulate Rise

Project Overview

The purpose of this training is to increase lubricant sales in the Off-Highway industry. The client's market research indicated that this area had good opportunities for growth, especially in the construction sector.

For this project, I was responsible for the needs analysis, eLearn development in Rise, and the development of the instructor-led classroom materials.

Needs Analysis

The client approached me to conduct a needs analysis for a training that they wanted to deliver to their Off-Highway sales team. They knew that they wanted a training, but did not know what type of content to include in the training or the delivery method.

I conducted a needs analysis, which revealed the following:

Target audience:

  • The sales team was composed mostly of fairly new employees (less than two years) and a small percentage of employees with 5-20 years of service. The company recently implemented a new sales rotation program so that employees would move into different roles after two years. 

  • Many on the sales team were recent college graduates with engineering degrees, with no sales experience and little knowledge of the Off-Highway industry.

Job analysis:

  • The sales team sold lubricants to the Off-Highway industry and to other sectors (e.g., passenger vehicles, industrial). Many on the team were discouraged by the Off-Highway sector because of the wide range of vehicles/equipment and the long, complicated sales cycle.

  • The sales team was responsible for all aspects of the sales cycle from generating leads to making lubricant recommendations to closing the sale.

Existing training:

  • The company had a few generic lubricant eLearns on their learning management system (LMS) and generic instructor-led sales training; However, they had no training specific to the Off-Highway industry. 

Is training the appropriate solution?

Yes, to some degree; However, the Off-Highway industry is complex, and the short time frame of the rotation program can make it difficult for the sales employees to learn everything about the job before they move to their next role. 

Training Design & Development

Based on my needs analysis, I determined that blended learning would be the best approach. The learners would begin with a web-style eLearn that provides a wide variety of content about the Off-Highway industry and would then take an instructor-led training where they could apply what they've learned via case studies, role plays, and other team activities.

Since the sales team worked primarily in the field, I recommended using Rise for the eLearn, since Rise is responsive to all mobile devices. The eLearn covered both technical information about Off-Highway equipment/lubricants and information about the sales process. It also contained a sales scenario with a role-play simulation where the learners conducted a hypothetical "sales call" with a potential customer.

The instructor-led training consisted of a brief review of the eLearn, plus team activities that enabled learners to practice their skills. We gave the instructors latitude to adjust their case studies to reflect situations applicable to their jurisdiction.

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