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accounts receivables fundamentals

Key Features

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Introduction video



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Voiceover narration

Target Audience


Accounts receivables 




My Responsibilities

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Instructional design

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eLearning development

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Script writing

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Video editing

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Storyline 360

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Premiere Pro

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After Effects

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Sound Forge Pro

Project Overview

The purpose of this eLearn is to help accounts receivables (AR) representatives develop strategies for working with delinquent customers. This eLearn encourages AR representatives to think beyond payment collection to developing long-term solutions that enable customers to pay on time in the future.

For this project, I was responsible for the instructional design, script writing, eLearning development, video editing, and voiceover narration.

Training Design

This eLearn consists of an introductory video, four role-play simulations, and internal knowledge checks.

The introductory video covers the importance of the accounts receivables function and how it contributes to the profitability of the company. It encourages AR representatives to think of themselves not only as payment collectors, but as problem solvers.

To design the role play simulations, I worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) from North America, Europe, and China to ensure that the content and dialogue were appropriate for all locations. Each role play was based on a common AR scenario involving a customer with one or more overdue invoices.

The role plays were designed so that the learners would have a "conversation" with a customer. The learner would choose an opening line, and then the customer would respond according to the learner's selection. The conversation would continue down different paths depending upon the learner's choices. Each role play consisted of a backstory, customized feedback, and a summary of the key points.

eLearn Development

I developed the role-play simulations in Storyline 360 using branching and variables. I also recorded the narration for the eLearn and used additional voiceover artists to record the voices for the characters in the simulations.

The client filmed an executive from the Accounting department to star in the introduction video. I edited the video in Premiere Pro and added graphics in After Effects.  

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