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proactive 3

Key Features

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Software simulations

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Introduction video

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Voiceover narration

Target Audience


Customer service




My Responsibilities

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Instructional design

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eLearning development

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Script writing

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Video editing

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Storyline 360

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Premiere Pro

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Sound Forge Pro

Project Overview

The purpose of this eLearn is to show customer service representatives how to use Proactive 3, the new order tracking software. I was responsible for the instructional design, script writing, video editing, eLearn development, and voiceover narration.

Training Design

This eLearn consists of a series of short videos that cover the user interface and demonstrate how to perform key tasks for tracking and managing orders. It also includes an introductory video, internal knowledge checks, and a final video that puts all of these tasks together.

When designing software training, I keep in mind how learners are most likely to use it. In many cases, learners use software training as a reference tool and refer back to it right before they use the software. With this in mind, I organized the training by software task and created a custom menu in Storyline 360 that allows learners to go directly to the task they need.

eLearn Development

Ideally, when developing a software simulation training, I would have access to the client's software so I could make screen recordings and use Storyline 360's features that enable learners to try and test the software. For this project, I was not given access to their software, so I had to find an alternative solution for the software demos.

In this case, I provided instructions to the subject matter experts (SMEs) on how to capture screen recordings via SnagIt. The SMEs then recorded the various tasks (without audio) and sent me their videos. I edited the videos with Premiere Pro and added annotations and voiceover narration. I created the course introduction video in Premiere Pro using stock video footage, graphics, and music. After editing, I embedded all videos in a Storyline 360 file as one eLearn. 

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