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data privacy training

Key Features

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Translated into 14 languages

Target Audience


All employees



My Responsibilities

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Instructional design

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eLearning development

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Storyline 360

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Project Overview

The purpose of this eLearn is to explain how employees should handle personal information according to data privacy laws and the company's Data Privacy Code of Conduct. This training was delivered to all company employees and contractors worldwide (approximately 80,000 people) and translated into 14 languages.

I was responsible for the English (master) version of the training including the instructional design, slide copy, and eLearning development.

eLearn Design and Development

Since this training would be translated into multiple languages, the team decided it was more efficient and cost-effective to develop the training without audio narration. In addition, some of the learners had slow internet connections, so I had to be mindful about file size and loading times. 

I divided the training into four sections: The first three sections covered the data privacy rules and practices, and the final section included a scenario with several questions so that the learners could apply what they learned. 

I developed this training in Storyline 360 and sent the file to a translation service for the language conversions.

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