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negotiation strategies and tactics

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Key Features

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Instructor-led training

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Facilitator guide

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Participant guide

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Team activities

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Case studies

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Role plays

Target Audience


Fire fighter union leaders

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U.S. & Canada

My Responsibilities

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Instructional design

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Project Overview

The purpose of this training is to provide negotiation skills to fire fighters who are leaders in their unions. This is a six-hour instructor-led training that is delivered by fire fighters to fire fighters at their annual convention.


For this project, I was responsible for the instructional design, writing the facilitator and participant guides, and conducting the train-the-trainer sessions.

Instructor-led Training Design

This training consisted of key topics for improving union negotiating skills, including:

  • Negotiating committees

  • Proposals

  • Management objections and tactics

  • Signaling

  • Making counter offers

Each topic included a team activity to practice the skill. At the end of the training, the learners participated in a mock negotiation session.

I created very detailed facilitator and participant guides consisting of 75 pages each, plus a detailed appendix with additional information.


After developing the training, I met with the instructors (i.e., fire fighters) to conduct a train-the-trainer. During the train-the-trainer session, the instructors took turns practicing the activities, and I provided them with feedback. The instructors also provided me with feedback on which activities they felt worked well and which ones needed adjustments. After the session, I edited the training accordingly so it would be ready for the convention.

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